Castle and Priory Area Regeneration Board (CAPARB) has been in existence for over 10 years, overseeing regeneration projects across the whole ward. It is an independent organisation that runs with full support of local public and private sector agencies. The local council, local public health department, local policing team, fire service and educational establishments are in regular attendance at the bi-monthly meetings that are held at Wrens Nest Community Centre. Please contact us if you require any further information.

About Castle & Priory Board

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The need for an area regeneration board in Castle and Priory arose towards the end of the SRB II programme. The SRB II programme was a six-year programme running from 1996 to 31 st March 2002. A continuation strategy was needed to build on the work that had been implemented and a new board was needed to replace the existing SRB II implementation group.

A community conference was held on Thursday 14 th December 2000 at Priory Primary School. The purpose of this conference was to get local people to appraise the work that had been achieved under SRB and identify what else could build on and extend the existing regeneration work. It was also needed to bring service providers and service users together to identify further actions needed to link the work into the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy 2001-2006 for Dudley.



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