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The need for an area regeneration board in Castle and Priory arose towards the end of the SRB II programme. The SRB II programme was a six-year programme running from 1996 to 31 st March 2002. A continuation strategy was needed to build on the work that had been implemented and a new board was needed to replace the existing SRB II implementation group.

A community conference was held on Thursday 14 th December 2000 at Priory Primary School. The purpose of this conference was to get local people to appraise the work that had been achieved under SRB and identify what else could build on and extend the existing regeneration work. It was also needed to bring service providers and service users together to identify further actions needed to link the work into the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy 2001-2006 for Dudley.

One hundred and twenty people turned out on a cold, wet December evening to ‘have their say’. People signed up to 12 themed workshops to appraise and identify work. (These workshops later formed into the ‘communities of interest’ that sat around the area board). During the workshops, the attendee’s were asked to choose a model out of four choices, which would be the set up of the board for Castle and Priory. At the feedback session, option 3 was identified as the preferred option. This was the largest option and has the greatest community representation.

There were 12 communities of interest having one representative on the board and one substitute. Each community of interest had to sign up to the board by defining:

  • Who is their membership
  • How their representative is to be chosen
  • How will the community of interest ensure that the representative speaks for the whole of the membership and not just for themselves
  • How will the representative will keep the membership informed of the issues, actions and priorities raised at the board

The board attended a series of training sessions run by Co-operation Black Country before becoming responsible for directing the final year of the SRB programme. The Board continues to meet on a bi-monthly basis at Wrens Nest Community Centre. local people have the opportunity to sit with service council officers, elected members and local service providers to define plans to promote and regenerate the area.

"Connecting Communities in Castle & Priory"