Dudley Council and together with its preferred partners, Bromford Group and Keepmoat Homes are committed to work with a range of stakeholders, residents, partners and the wider community to ensure that by regenerating the North Priory area we will ensure that North Priory is once again a vibrant, mixed and thriving community.

This requirement brings with it the need for extensive consultation and communication with a range of stakeholders throughout the process.


The purpose of this consultation and communication strategy is to:

  • Make sure that all stakeholders are informed in a fair and balanced way of the reasons behind the regeneration project and communicated in a consistent and timely manner in relation to the various phases of the project.
  • Guarantee that tenants, residents, and partners are consulted and involved on all aspects of the project and in designing the new development.

Who needs to be involved in this project

Our communication and consultation needs to be clear and accessible to all. We have listed below our main audiences, although this list is not exclusive and we may wish to add additional audiences if and when the need arises:

  • Tenants (in the local area)
  • Residents in the wider area
  • Residents (in the local area)
  • Dudley Area Housing Panels
  • Resident Associations
  • Council Departments/teams
  • Fire Service
  • Members/MPs
  • Age Concern
  • Dudley Federation of Tenants and Residents
  • Castle & Priory Regeneration Board
  • Planning authority
  • Police
  • Employees(Council and Bromford)
  • Housing Corporation
  • Media
  • General Public


How we will communicate and consult and when

There will be regular communication and consultation at appropriate points of the project. These will be managed through a plan of activity and will be overseen by the Community Involvement Group. A variety of communication/consultation methods will be used, and these will include:

  • Regular newsletters
  • press releases
  • Regular meetings
  • Consultation events
  • internet
  • questionnaires
  • Memory book
  • Arts projects
  • Social events


Measuring success

We will continue to measure the success of our consultation and communications throughout the project. We will seek regular feedback from all stakeholders to determine if they feel fully informed and included in the project as well as identifying and addressing any potential risks.

"Connecting Communities in Castle & Priory"