Castle and Priory Security Circles

Castle & Priory Security Circles

The Citizen Engagement CIC is a not for profit social enterprise that is committed to helping the Castle & Priory Area Regeneration Board and other local organisations address problems that affect people living in this area.

As part of the ” Community Action against Crime” Home Office programme, and In response to concerns identified by local residents, Citizen Engagement CIC together with the Castle and Priory Area Regeneration Board and Young advisors West Midlands have been helping to bring people together from the Priory and Wrens Nest estates to address underlying root causes of crime and anti social behaviour.

Over 300 households and local traders located in streets with high levels of crime and anti social behaviour have shared their views, experiences and thoughts on what needs to be done to protect local people. As a result:

1. A number of people have volunteered to deliver weekend youth services for children and young people who are considered at risk of becoming involved in crime and anti social behaviour. This is a direct response to many peoples concerns about young people becoming bored due to a lack of weekend youth provision and getting involved in trouble. The volunteers are now delivering youth sessions on Saturday at the Wrens Nest Community Centre and are now in advanced talks to open Meadow Road Youth Centre  for children aged 8 years and above.

2. On-going discussions with the council and police to look at the way services are being delivered, how they need to be improved and how they can best work with and support the community.

3. For further details please click: Castle Priory Security Circle Report FINALedited pdf


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Since the programme was launched in February 2011, it has helped improve people’s  knowledge and understanding of anti-social behaviour, identify  root causes; its effects on ourselves, friends, family, neighbours and the wider community;  and identify ways in which  we as a community can develop and  implement  solutions that reflect our local needs and expectations and help build and promote neighbourliness.

This project has been approved by Ian Austin, Dudley North MP who wishes the project every success.






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"Connecting Communities in Castle & Priory"